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Bart Mruz
Bart Mruz
Bart and Jean Mruz

Bart Mruz is the youngest of five children born to Walter and Jean Mruz. At the time of Bart’s birth, his siblings ranged from eleven to twenty-one years of age. After enduring the Great Depression and World War II, Walt and Jean raised their children to have faith in God’s goodness, compassion for others, and a strong work ethic. As a child and teenager in Fremont, Nebraska, Bart dreamed of writing for television and living on the West Coast.


However, his life took a different turn as he established a career in real estate and began a spiritual journey in his twenties. His Catholic faith was his base, but he left no stone unturned while exploring descriptions of the Divine, Heaven, and Godly realms, including first-person accounts of near-death experiences and the prospect of what awaits us on the other side.


At the age of 25, Bart was present for his own father’s passing. Over the next 27 years Bart and his mother grew closer, and he was present for Jean’s death at age 95 in 2022. Bart had not anticipated the exit his mother would make, how it would happen, and what a beautiful nod from God he and his siblings would receive to assure them that their mom was okay. Jean Mruz’s death was full of signs, wonders, and miracles both for her and the family.


As Bart reflected on what had taken place, he knew that his mother’s story had to be told. It is a final gift from a woman who lived simply and touched the lives of many. Jean’s death propelled Bart to share the hope of what awaits us and to provide reassurance that our loved ones are safe and that our lives will continue in more perfect ways than any of us can comprehend while we are still on Earth.


Bart currently divides his time between Arizona and Nebraska, and he is a licensed Realtor in both states.

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