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All My Clothes Were White book
All My Clothes
Were White
The Spirited Life, Pre-Heaven Visit, and Peaceful Death of My Mom, Jean Mruz

As 95-year-old Jean Mruz approached the end of her life, her son Bart dreaded the impending separation from his mother and best friend. Much to Bart's surprise, Jean's passing ended up bringing peace, joy, and reassurance to the entire family.


During Jean’s final days, a series of other-worldly experiences convinced Bart and his siblings that their mother was being prepared for her transition from this world to the next. God's abundant love was evident throughout the process, and Jean even had some control over the timing of her passage!


In the weeks that followed Jean's death, Bart encountered other people whose mothers had recently passed away. When Bart told them about Jean's experiences, his words lifted their spirits and strengthened their confidence in God’s love. Inspired by their reactions, Bart felt called to write All My Clothes Were White to share Jean's story in hopes of comforting others around the world.

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